Best Bulletproof Coffee

Best Bulletproof Coffee

The newest health craze is out, and it’s not what you think. Bulletproof coffee may sound intimidating, but it’s quite possibly one of the best ways to lose weight and stay energized throughout the day. The best bulletproof coffee sits well with other health diets, and is commonly attributed to the Keto diet due to the ingredients used. However, anyone who is looking for a nice boost of energy throughout the day can enjoy this smooth drink. Bulletproof coffee is an easy to make recipe, but it requires some knowledge of metabolism and caloric intake to get the full health impact from this beverage. If you’re looking for a new way to help you lose – or maintain – your weight, you first have to know what bulletproof coffee is and how it works inside the body after you’ve ingested it. 

What is bulletproof coffee?

Bulletproof coffee is the newest way to make coffee, but it uses some unconventional ingredients. Bulletproof coffee uses butter and MCT or coconut oil instead of milk or creamer to give it a better texture as well as a nicer taste, along with a huge boost of beneficial side-effects. Drinkers of bulletproof coffee claim that making their coffee this way enhances the metabolism, and increases weight loss over a shorter period of time. Other drinkers say that it can prolong your energy throughout the day, increasing productivity while avoiding the mid-morning crash that coffee drinkers usually experience. 

Bulletproof coffee is making a rise among health enthusiasts as well; the ingredients used in bulletproof coffee metabolize better in the body, and are digested slowly which allows for greater energy levels through the day. This slow burn from the moment of ingestion is also great for your health, as slower digesting foods keep you fuller longer, which means you eat less while still feeling full. This is one of the main reasons Bulletproof coffee is so popular among health groups and Keto diet enthusiasts; the health benefits from bulletproof coffee are staggering!

How to make bulletproof coffee:

Making bulletproof coffee is extremely easy, requiring only three ingredients: Coffee, butter, and either coconut oil or a specially formulated MCT oil. Brew your coffee, then put that coffee in a blender with the butter and the oil and mix until smooth. It should end up as a creamy concoction when it’s all mixed together, similar in consistency to a latte. After you’ve mixed these ingredients, you can then pour it into your cup of choice and drink. Just one cup will give you the energy to get through that mid-morning haul, and you can get more done on a single cup of bulletproof coffee than you can with a regular brew. 

What makes the bulletproof coffee work is that the ingredients are blended, not simply mixed in the cup. Blending allows for the butter and the oil to mix completely into the coffee, giving you a fuller flavor. It’s also faster, and incorporates the ingredients into the coffee more fully than if you simply stirred it in (the oil will separate from the coffee, making a generally unpleasant drinking experience). If you don’t have a blender handy, a single-serve food processor should work in a pinch. Brands like the Magic Bullet, which are designed for smoothies, will also work well for this beverage. 

There are numerous bulletproof coffee recipe sites out on the Internet, and each has its own method to creating the perfect cup. No matter what recipe you use, you’re going to need a bulletproof coffee blender to get everything mixed up properly. Every recipe calls for butter, and most sites call for organic, grass-fed butter. If you’re vegan, there are vegan bulletproof coffee recipes available as well, usually by substituting coconut butter into the recipe in place of regular butter. 

The best bulletproof coffee recipe: 

  1. Brew a hot coffee of your brew of choice. This works with light, medium, or dark roasts just as well. 
  2. Put hot coffee into the blender, and begin blending in two (2) tablespoons of grass-fed butter. 
  3. Slowlybegin adding 1-2 tablespoons of either coconut or MCT oil into the blender. Adding oil too quickly will cause the bulletproof coffee to come out weird. 
  4. Blend until well mixed. 
  5. Enjoy!

Bulletproof coffee Benefits

bulletproof coffee recipe
bulletproof coffee recipe

It’s common knowledge that regular coffee has many benefits attached to it: more energy, higher alertness, and it’s a great morning pick-up. However, many regular coffee drinkers need a boost part way through the day; another cup of coffee is usually the fix. Coffee on its own is subject to crashing the user’s energy levels, which creates an addiction to the glorious substance known as caffeine. Bulletproof coffee has all of the benefits of regular coffee (and more!) without the drastic crash partway through the day. 

The reason that the bulletproof coffee benefits far outweigh those of regular coffee is that the oil and butter is metabolized slower in the body, giving you a constant source of energy for longer. By blending the oil and the coffee, you give the fats something to bind to, which helps to deliver nutrients, or in this case, caffeine, to you system over a longer period of time. 

Health experts and Keto-Diet enthusiasts say that bulletproof coffee weight loss is a much smoother process than other conventional diets. In fact, bulletproof coffee weight loss is considered by many to be a tastier alternative to dieting. With the Keto diet, it focuses on slow metabolizing fats and oils to keep you fuller for longer without the sudden crash halfway through the day. Even with a bi-weekly routine, drinking bulletproof coffee results in more productive days and greater weight loss when combined with a proper diet and exercise. 

Bulletproof coffee nutrition facts: 

Bulletproof coffee has a slew of nutritional facts that come with every cup, but it’s important to factor in the ingredients used. Variations of butter, salted or unsalted, grass-fed or not, will have an impact on the caloric value as well as the fat content in your coffee. Using bulletproof coffee coconut oil instead of MCT oil will also have an effect on the nutrients. Drinking more bulletproof coffee in the morning will have more calories, and it will also last longer through the day. Below is the average nutritional value for both a large cup of coffee, as well as a standard cup:

1 Large cup of Coffee with 3 tbsp Butter 1.5 tbsp MCT oil

Calories: 711

Fats: 87g

Cholesterol: 135mg

Sodium: 9 mg

Potassium: 427 mg

Protein: 1g

Average Coffee Cup with 2 tbsp unsalted Butter and 1 tbsp of Coconut oil

Calories: 233

Fats: 26

Cholesterol: 0g

Sodium: 0g

Potassium: 0g 

Protein:  1g

The calorie count, as well as the fats and proteins are all affected by what you put into the bulletproof coffee. It’s also dependent on how well you blend the ingredients together. Not blending enough will cause the oil to float to the top, and not give it a chance to bind to the coffee. This is the same problem with adding too much oil too fast; the oil will separate quicker, and you won’t get the same nutritional benefit from the coffee. The best way to prevent the worst from happening is to properly measure all of your ingredients and blend them well before drinking. 

Making Bulletproof coffee isn’t hard, but it requires some extra ingredients that you may not have on hand. A popular substitute for coconut oil is MCT oil, as mentioned, but some people choose to use an ingredient called “Brain Octane” which works in the same way; it’s a slow burning fat that allows you to metabolize slower, giving you more energy and alertness through the day. These health-food alternatives are more expensive, but they give better results in the long run. 

Bulletproof coffee is great for any diet, and can be used as a weight loss supplement with plenty of exercise. With a good diet, you may find that you’re losing weight because you feel full longer, and have more energy throughout the day. While the benefits of Bulletproof coffee are staggering, there are also some dangers as well. Like drinking regular coffee, drinking a lot of bulletproof coffee can create a dependency; bulletproof coffee still has caffeine. Withdrawal symptoms can also be experienced if you drink a lot of coffee and suddenly stop. 

Overall, Bulletproof coffee is a nice way to spice up the mornings to ensure that you get more done throughout the day. While the ingredients might be a little expensive at first, it’s a great beverage to put into your morning routine.