Coffee Gift Basket Ideas

Coffee Gift Basket Ideas

Coffee gift baskets are obviously great gifts for the coffee lover. Creating your own coffee gift basket ideas can also bring out your creative side and allow you to give a more personalized gift. In this article we have also found some very nice prearranged gift baskets to send. Below are some great gift ideas for your favorite coffee connoisseur.

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Reusable Wicker Basket

Festive wicker baskets that can be reused are an excellent idea to add some functionality to the gift. Simply add crumpled up newspaper to the bottom of the basket to add height to the gifts and then add decorative paper for a finishing touch. Besides looking nice the paper will help fill larger gift baskets.

Gourmet Coffee

Now the most important part is selecting your coffee. Some great coffee gift basket ideas would be to focus on select regions of the world know for gourmet coffee. Some of these great coffee regions are Ethiopia, Kenya, Costa Rica, and Hawaii. Jamaican Blue Mountain, and Kona coffee are excellent choices for the coffee snob. Coffee is like wine, each type of bean has its own unique flavor characteristics.

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Coffee Mugs

Coffee mug will keep you in recipient’s thoughts long after they’ve gone through the contents of the gift basket. A personalized or decorative coffee mug related to the occasion is one way to go. Yeti coffee mugs keep coffee very hot and for a long time is another. Try filling the mugs with additional treats to add more touch.

Affordable Coffee Brewers

A coffee brewer is always an excellent gift basket idea French Press, Aeropress, Pour Over Cone, or a percolator for a simple but refined method to brew coffee but keeping the cost of the brewer on the low side. 

Aeropress Pour Over Cone

French Press




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Coffee Brewing Accessories

Adding some brewing tools to your coffee gift basket is a way to show you’ve really thought out the gift. Hand coffee grinders can last a long time, affordable, and don’t take up much space in the kitchen. Throw in some real bamboo coffee paddles for stirring!

Hand Coffee Grinder

Reusable Metal Coffee Filter

Bamboo Paddle

Edible Gifts

It is important to add an edible element to the basket because it goes great with coffee. Biscuit, biscotti, cookies, chocolates, chocolate covered spoons or edible chocolate straws are some fun ideas to include in a gift basket.

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Mason Jars

Mason jars are great for storage of unused coffee, and it adds visual appeal to the coffee gift basket when filled with chocolate or other edibles. 

Don’t Forget The Card!

Printable coffee related cards or any card is the essential personal and final touch to your coffee basket.

We have done some searching for you and have found some excellent premade gift baskets on Amazon which have great reviews and will save a lot of the work. If you don’t have time to build your own basket check out our list below.